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by Ross on October 1, 2010 at 8:18 PM under ASP.Net | BlogEngine.NET

As someone who loves the .Net framework, I've been running this site using the open source project BlogEngine.NET. However, as I started actually making my own theme for the site, I started to become very aware of the project's shortcomings, bugs, and possible security flaws that currently exist. So please be aware that things may randomly break on this site as I update it from time to time to fix various things that I find broken.

And before anyone asks, I do report all the bugs I find to BlogEngine so that they'll hopefully be fixed in the rumored 2.0 release that's coming out at the end of the year! I'll post more about the bugs if/when they get fixed, cause I'd rather not make them public here.

Having said that, the upcoming release looks good. The admin section has been redesigned a bit to give it a more refined looking appearance, and it makes a lot more use of ajax/web services.

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